SCT X4 with Custom Tune


SCT X4 with Custom Tune $462.00


SCT XCAL 4 Flasher

With our Ford Focus tuning, owners with simple bolt-ons like intake, exhaust, header can expect 5-7whp increase in performance. In addition, you’ll see better fuel economy, increased rev limit, better throttle response and speed governor removal.

* We do NOT change you stock ECU strategy , Meaning when you go back to stock your ECU is 100% back to what Ford gave you , Some tuners change your Strategy and it stays changed even when you flash back to stock

* You can go back to stock Ford tune any time you choose

*If you decide to sell your Focus you can remove the tune and sell the SCT flasher , other flashers being sold stay VIN locked and cannot be sold

Full Custom Tune , custom tune requires datalogging , if you do not datalog your tune and email it to your tuner your not getting a Custom Tune

Free Tune updates as long as you stay Naturally Aspirated

Datalogging services , I can remote into your laptop , set up the log list and do the first datalog like I was sitting in the Focus with you

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SCT X4 with Custom Tune, Tune ONLY (already own unlocked flasher)


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