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2012-2017 DCT Shudder Issue Fix

Our tunes have fixed the shudder issues for many clients – here’s what some of them have to say:

Hey guys, just wanted to share my experience with our Focus. I’ve read almost every post on here for over a year, and just like you guys I’ve dealt with Ford way to much over the issue and I will say Carl Gregory Ford has been outstanding, however as most of you know the dealerships are not magicians and can only do what Ford tells them updates, clutches, new trans ect. I noticed after the 1st clutch change that the clutches still slipped and mentioned this to our dealer, they said they could only put in the updates Ford gave them, so I said well I’ll bring it back when it starts shuddering again. About one year later, we were back with the very mild AKA- NORMAL Shudder. As time passed the car no longer had the so called normal shudder, which was every takeoff, but was jumping like a jack rabbit at least 2-3 days a week, what I did notice was after every re-flash ours did great for 2 weeks, so I decided it had to be in the factory tune and began to decide which tuner we were going with. The last visit the Tech never even started to say it was within specs, but his words were, this car has got to have clutches, it’s jumping!! We had about a month to test a tune, which was gonna be our deciding factor for whether or not we would keep the car after the new clutches and decided to go with Tom and cannot be any happier, after the base file and programmer arrived we had 3 weeks to test it with the bad clutches, during the time we had absolutely no shudder whatsoever, and trust me we tried our best to get a shudder, but couldn’t on top of that our takeoffs, up shifts, and downshifts were so much better, so much that my wife says if we had never had any shudder the tune would still be worth it. I did return it to stock after 2 days with the tune, thinking it might just be having a good week, shudder was back instantly, so tune went back in, shudder gone instantly. Long story short this is the first time in 60000 miles we have been happy with the car, it now has a little over 78000. Now I will say why I went with Tom I called a few, and I kept hearing if you have shudder carry it to Ford, well Ford couldn’t fix it, but TOM did lol.

Anecdotally, the Ford mechanic offered that the DCT clutch pack seems to fare much better under aggressive vs. passive driving. I have not had a problem since I added the tune. Transmission is smooth.


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